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This short course shows you how you can make your business really shine! First impressions really count and it teaches you just what to do not only with your retail shop window or interior displays - but most displays wherever they are as the same principles apply throughout! So often overlooked, they are a key part of attracting your customers and of course sales! With a lifetime of experience in the world of business presentation and display I've broken the art down into six simple steps. What you're wanting to sell and where - a service possibly - are you targeting the right customer and how do you keep them engaged with fresh ideas all the time? And of course I'll teach you the basic rules and guidelines in building a display, the composition or product grouping/layout which ensures your message has the real impact you you'll complete the course not just knowing how and when to create those displays, but you'll be full of inspiration too and raring to go!

  • 1



    • WELCOME! ...An introduction to VM - what is is and WHY is it SO important?

  • 2


    • 1 YOUR MESSAGE...You know who you are and what you do - but do your customers? You need to get your message across in an instant!

  • 3


    • 2 LOCATION ...Where are you, your business, and where do you put your displays? There may be places you hadn't considered until now...

  • 4


    • 3 KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER...Do you have one customer-type or do you have several? How do you please them all?

  • 5


    • 4 INSPIRATION ...How do you come up with something new time after time? Where do you find fresh ideas?

  • 6


    • 5 BASIC DISPLAY RULES...So now you have everything planned and set to go, just HOW do you go about building that display? Here are those precious golden rules which apply for almost everything!

  • 7


    • Module 6 HOUSEKEEPING SILVER...You've completed your display but it doesn't stop there! Find out why...

  • 8


    • A FEW EXTRA TIPS ...for basic Merchandising as well as a quick look at digital...


You'll be guided through the course at your own pace, with tasks to do throughout. Not just for retail but for any business needing to promote themselves! You'll complete the course knowing just where to start and what to do, especially with a minimal budget, but also inspired with fresh, new ideas to make your displays and your business really stand out and attract attention! For more information visit the home page & see the video.

For email critique upgrade to the GOLD course. However, if you'd like an hour's Consultation with me too then the DIAMOND Course is the one for you!
Basic grouping techniques