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Have you ever wanted to give your business a little more WOW!? Some fresh ideas? Well this course is perfect for you - containing a series of videos which will take you through the process of making your business stand out from the crowd. Whether you're creating a display for a shop window, interior display, table-top event or social media even...or just wanting to present your business and the services you offer in a more eye-catching yet professional way...everyone needs to look their best at all times! Full of illustrations, demonstrations, and short tasks, I'll get you to look at your business through your customers' eyes to see if there are any improvements or changes you can make...often something simple can make a HUGE difference! If you don't have your own business I'll get you to work with something of interest to you ... so don't worry, no-one's left out! And the BONUS with the GOLD package is that you'll receive my feedback and critique with, of course, extra encouragement for your displays too!

  • 1



    • WELCOME! ...An introduction to VM - what is it and WHY is it SO important?

  • 2


    • 1 YOUR MESSAGE...You know who you are and what you do - but do your customers? You need to get that message across in an instant

  • 3


    • 2 LOCATION ...Where are you, your business, and where do you put your displays? There may be places you hadn't considered until now...

  • 4


    • 3 KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER...Do you have one customer-type or do you have several? How do you please them all?

  • 5


    • 4 INSPIRATION ...How do you come up with something new time after time? Where do you find fresh ideas?

  • 6


    • 5 BASIC DISPLAY RULES...So now you have everything planned and set to go, just HOW do you go about building that display? Here are those precious golden rules which apply for almost everything!!

  • 7


    • 6 HOUSEKEEPING...You've completed your display but it doesn't stop there! Find out why...

  • 8


    • A FEW EXTRA TIPS... for basic Merchandising as well as a quick look at digital...


The same as the Silver course, but with GOLD you'll have the added bonus of sending me (via email) up to ten photos which I'm really looking forward to seeing! I'll reply adding my critique and any further help or advice which will give you the confidence needed to make any improvements and, of course, create great displays! For more information visit the home page & see the video. Once again - NOT just retail!

For EMAIL critique PLUS an hour-long CONSULTATION over Zoom upgrade to the DIAMOND course where I can help you plan your new displays, scheme... whatever you'd like help with! I'm here full of fresh ideas to help you!
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